Headhunters have what you don’t have: inside information about your next employer and jobs that will never be advertised. We are watching the job market just like you but the difference is that we do nothing else but this, 50 hours per week and 52 weeks per year. And when we find vacancies, we are paid for putting the right candidate in front of our client.

What can you do to be the one?

Here are 7 tips on how to get headhunted:

  1. Get ready: Do you have the right skills to make a difference? Be critical and realistic yet ambitious with yourself. If you lack a skill or a degree, go and get it. There are good executive education programs out there. Rule of thumb: if you did your last meaningful training longer than 10 years ago, take one. Do not only consider what you will learn but also the message it sends on your LinkedIn profile and resume and the people you will meet. Example: an online course on Feng Shui versus “Leading Change and Organizational Renewal” at Harvard Business School. You cannot afford Havard Business School? Have a look at Coursera and take for instance “Organizational Analysis” at Stanford or “Corporate Finance” at Wharton – for free
  2. Step out of the shade and become visible: In order to be found, you must be visible – online and offline. Critical to online visibility are minimum a watertight, topnotch and complete LinkedIn profile and ideally guest posts somewhere or publications. However, you cannot send a handshake by email and it is hard to build rapport online only. When did you last participate in a networking event? “Before Covid”, you say? Me too, like all of us. Make it virtual. Find circles that interest you such as business, alumni, sports or other associations. Mingle and make sure you bring enough business cards. Or if you you log in online add your title next to your name. Example: when you see me on Zoom as “Jorg Stegemann” and don̵