Apollo Executive Career Advice 13 red flags on your resume CVDid you ever wonder what we external and internal recruiters check when we decide within 5-10 seconds if your resume is of interest to us or not? Which are the red flags in YOUR resume – the reasons you will not make it to the interview?

Here are the 13 most flagrant warning signals we might spot in your CV – and the solution to fix them:

  1. Unexplained gaps: It is OK to have a gap in the resume – if the explanation is good. PROBLEM: If we don’t understand its reason immediately, we will pass on. SOLUTION: This advice is unorthodox but if your last job ended four months ago, add a bullet point on top and call it “language course, move to another city, baby-break, taking care of a sick family member, business analysis to open a restaurant” or whatever. Yes, these are imperfect solutions but they are way better than… writing nothing. Alternative: meaningful executive education. See point 5 for more advice on this
  2. Inconsistency in professional choices: Every career will become flat at one point of time and when you change jobs at fifty, side steps are perfectly okay. When you are younger and applying in a fast-paced environment however, it should go upward and demonstra