Congratulations! You have mastered the job interviews, left all your competitors behind and enter the final phase of your job search phase: the salary negotiation.

What can you expect? A typical salary negotiation is unfortunately very often minimal to inexistent: you will be asked your expectations – and then, an offer is made. A real negotiation, however, does not always take place.

Do not underestimate this part as a wrong step could have an impact for the rest of your career: getting the next salary right will influence the next one and the one after and so on.

Whilst money is the most obvious factor in the salary negotiation, there are many other things you can negotiate. Here come 33 things you can negotiate when accepting an offer other than money:

  1. A “better” job title as of start date
  2. A better job title after the trial period or after 12 months
  3. Promotion after trial period
  4. Waiver of trial period
  5. A signing bonus/ arrival fee
  6. Company assets
  7. Executive education: define how many days per year and the budget
  8. Guaranteed bonus in year 1
  9. Waiver of the competition clause if you are in sales
  10. Car or car allowance
  11. Partial or full coverage of your car leasing
  12. Public transports
  13. Upgrade for flights or train travel
  14. Frequent flyer miles you can keep
  15. Size and location of office (yes, matters to some)
  16. Home-office. Believe it or not but I have recently heard that a company is going back to full presence now that “Covid is over”
  17. Flexibility in working hours
  18. Date of next salary negotiation
  19. Increase in salary after trial period
  20. Housing (total or partial)
  21. Relocation allowances
  22. Admissions to associations or business clubs
  23. School loan reimbursement
  24. Yearly medical checkup
  25. Discounts on co