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Should You Hire That Very Candidate? The 5 Seconds Final Hiring Test

Hiring: I have done it 350 times for my clients and 50 times for myself since 2001! Phone qualification, personal interviews, reference taking - I have seen 'em all. Add personality and motivation tests, role plays or assessments centers for a more scientific touch [...]

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Halloween Special: 4 Points Your Boss Has In Common With A Serial Killer

It is Halloween and time for our special edition! Did you already notice that your boss is a little weird sometimes and often shows strange behavior which you do not understand? A possible explanation is that s/he is a serial killer (though there may be [...]

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Aim For The Stars With A Career In Space – What Are Some Of The Coolest Jobs Out There?

Today marks the anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. It was, in the words of Neil Armstrong, a giant leap for mankind. Just a few years later, in 1972, the last person ever set foot on the moon. Since, no missions to the moon [...]